10-speed hydraulic adjustment rotary damper for electric kickboards only

Safe handling when driving at high speeds

International Patent Application Product

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EREXX Improvedlocking system

Use a 5cm high QR lever as a double.

Minimize Folding Higer Wear

If one QR lever is broken while driving, it can be operated with one tightening.

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EREXX Handle Riser

Extend handle height 5cm

Tuning product for wrist pain relief

Minimize fatigue when riding

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Among the components of the EREXX damper, the only part sold on the market is the tightening bolt.

Internal and external parts and machining parts are made and assembled in KOREA.

It’s a hydraulic damper for electric kickboard and patented product.

EREXX damper is designed, produced and manufactured exclusively for electric kickboards, not bike.


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